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Hello and welcome,
I would like to give you our brief story and also  would like to share what we want to do.
Also I would like to answer some contra ideas about what we are standing for.
My background is as a man who grown in Istanbul Turkey I had a privilege on playing water polo. Good thing was all the time I was the kid who has been totally ignored until new coach came. At that day I was the top scorer. This ignorance took about 2 or 3 years and remember that I had missed zero trainings! So yes I was the one who is some kind of dedicated. My zodiac is Taurus. So you know Taurus from Spain events. It goes to point even it knows ending is...
Basic story from that is I am a challanger. I was the laziest top 5 or 6 students in high school. Last year I was top scorer all my exams were 100! So how this can happen? So you know, I know and everbody knows. Nothing magic. Just simple hard work. In this era everbody knows the answers with all this tech and social media. What was my secret still? Well I can tell you is everbody can do it. Only thing you need is, nothing! It either it is in you or not. I call it blessed you can call what you want to. Also you may say, You can force it to have it or you can have it in you naturally. 
So little forward the story, I some how started real estate in REMAX, then went on Coldwell Banker, then Gayrimenkul Yatirim Danismanligi, which is Real Estate Investment Consultancy in Istanbul Turkey between 2014 and 2024. 
After opening my C corporation in New York in 2023 now I started my dream. Which is buying real estates in the name of improving company savings or companys' assets.
I am aiming to help firms and corporation for their savings. For that I am asking to firms, corporations, instutions their cash or their assets. My claim is I can do it either better or with different risk which is a benefit for the firms. 
Basically I will be buying and investing on real estates with the companies assset. In return I will be giving my c corporations shares which is FirmWanted Inc. at the moment and, or any new ones at that future time depends on the size and type we collect from you.
Can firms invest in real estate by themself?  Of course they can do it. It will be exactly same just like when I decide to their job, as I decide to their ones. You understand it right? Yes, what I try to empasize is everybody in this era can do anything. Since all these www, and videos are helping us to learn faster. But just like a water polo, or any profession needs exercise and practice. 
In last ten years, in my first years I had over 400 exclusive contracts. This was more and more then something. This could be a sector record maybe as first starter. Also I had many, closings, negotions, ups, downs. In summary yes I had an experience and keep on having it!
After all that mixed spicy knowledge, I knew that my unique standing in the things is way different then the general business aprroach. Maybe I  am blessed, maybe my philosophy background, maybe my intern on management consultancy or all and more, or all together. I do not know. What I know is I have brought extra ordinary profits to my investors. 50% in 3 months, increase on same property 3 times a year ending %500 value in one year. This example list is goes on like this.
In short now I am asking your companies' cash money to invest in real estate. In return you will be having my company shares. Can we loose this deal, absolutely we can! Can we make a profit? That is the reason I am standing for! So this not a guarantee business but we believe that worth to try!
After we decide how much you should put in, mostly 5 or 10 % of the total yearly cash or savings of %5 we can still discuss and find the number which is best for your firm.
After that we will be buying everything on my company behalf. We will be dealing all things, realtors, title deeds, tenants, contractors, municipality works basically anything that a real estates needs.
By doing that you will be having zero responsibility and zero effort on real estate. I will be buying, selling, renting, flipping and any things that is gonna help real estate is doing its best in and under all moral codes.
You could say yes we are in, could say I want to talk or say we pass this opportunity. 
Everything is fine. In case you are the ones who get it done with the idea bringers, and dedicated executers here are our numbers to call. And yes you can call 7 days 24 hours in any year time. We answer or return as soon as possible in case we do not take that call at that moment. +90 532 400 8888 or +1 631 7203646

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